Medical & Health-related Exemptions

If the draftee has a Medical/Health condition (including physical or mental health problems or disabilities) then upon reaching his age of service liability, he must immediately notify the Department of Mandatory Military Service (نظام وظیفه  ) of his circumstances. Upon notification, investigations will be carried out in this regard, and if the individual has presented a complete set of documents, the Bureau will send an invitation for him to carry out a series of checkups by the Medical Council. We would like to highlight the fact that the applicant’s referral to Military Service Management office of the Greater Tehran (مدیریت وظیفه عمومی تهران بزرگ ) and examination by the Medical Council is compulsory and in case this is not realized, under no condition will his application for an exemption be considered.
Please note: Upon referring to the Medical Council, you must present your original Birth Certificate as well as the invitation letter you received.

Several articles of the Regulation for Exemption based on Medical Examinations:
According to regulations of Medical Exemption of Military Service, those liable to the duty of service can be generally categorized into 4 main groups in terms of their conditions:

  • Individuals being in a state of complete physical and mental Health and hence entirely capable of being drafted to the mandatory service period.
  • Individuals who have a handicap or suffer from a certain illness and are thus not in a complete state of health, however yet well capable of carrying out non-combat/military-related services in offices
  • Those who due to weak disposition, growth deficiency or suffering from physical or mental illnesses are temporarily not capable of serving for the mandatory period.
  • Those who due to handicaps or mental and/or physical illnesses are permanently unable to be drafted for mandatory service period.

Required documents for applying for a Medical Exemption

  • Original copy of Birth Certificate (that includes an ID photo), as well as 3 photocopies of all the pages of the document.
  • 8 2x3cm color ID photos (with personal details on the back, light background and a full face)
  • Certification of graduation or dropping out of an academic program issued in the year of the individual’s application will be submitted.
    NOTE:  The most recent academic status of the applicant will be the determining factor, therefore it is necessary to obtain certifications of your academic progress and status (i.e. Graduated, studying, dropping out …), including their dates of issuance, from the respective academic institutions, and to submit them.
  • Filled out application form for obtaining a Medical Exemption from service.
  • Filled out application form of primary medical examinations and diagnosis of the applicant for a Medical Exemption.
  • NOTE:  Diagnosis form must be filled out, undersigned and stamped by a Physician (Practicing inside the country) and who possesses reference code from The I.R. of Iran’s Medical Council (شماره نظام پزشکی ایران ).
  • Original copy of Doctor’s Medical Statements and documents regarding the draftee’s illness. (In English or with an English Translation)


  • Determining the patient’s illness is up to the Medical Council.
  • If the Medical Council determines the applicant is in fact eligible for being drafted to service, then they will be drafted to service, and if due to the process they had been late for attending their service, their absence during that period will be registered.
  • Applicants may only use the Medical exemption, given that they had not been in the course of studying during the investigation of their case by the Medical Council.

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