Issuance of passing paper

For Iranians without any passports but other credible ID and documents with ID photos, who wish to return to Iran, it is possible to write a written request for the issuance of Laissez-passers.

  • The validity of this document is only 20 days after its issuing date
  • - Individuals with no credible Iranian ID documents with ID photos, need to contact their relations in Iran so that they collect their necessary ID documents and deliver them to the MFA’s Department of Passports and Visas (Building number 3), and get further information from there.

Required documents:

  • A filled out copy of form [ 108 ] for the issuance of a passing paper .
  • The applicant, upon referral to the embassy, and deliverance of the completed form and documents, will be able to receive the Laissez-passer.
  • Original copy of birth certificate (shenasname), of the applicant, and a photocopy of all its pages.(That of companions, if there are any must also be hereby included)
  • Two 3x4cm passport photos taken within the past six month, (Including a full face, front view, open eyes, a plain white background & without a hat, glasses or neck scarves) of applicant and possible companions. According to the regulations of the IRI, women applicants should be wearing head scarves. [Note: Applicant should also remember to include their personal details on the backside of the passport photos.]
  • Original copy and a photocopy of the confirmed air ticket with destination: Iran.
  • A description of how the passport or other of the individual’s Iranian ID documents have been lost.[This letter must also include the individual’s postal address in Iran and the Netherlands].
  • In the case that the applicant had made a request for asylum, it is required that they receive a letter from the organization or office to which they had submitted their request, acknowledging the receipt of such asylum requisition letter. [This letter must be addressed to the consular section of the embassy]
  • A photocopy of Dutch residency documents.