Passport Issuance for Illegal passers

Individuals, who have illegally exited the IRI, may apply for passport issuance at the Embassy while observing the following:
PLEASE NOTE: Individuals who illegally crossed this border before 31 Shahriyar 1375 (21 September 1996), are exempted of paying fines! However, it is required to present evidence of having been present in the country before this date.
Required documents

  • A filled out Form [ 109 ], for investigation of illegal exit.
  • A filled out Form [ 110 ], for granting exiting permission for illegal passing foreign resident.
  • 3. Three 3x4cm passport photos taken within the past six month, (Including a full face, front view, open eyes, a plain white background & without a hat, glasses or neck scarves). According to the regulations of the IRI, women applicants should be wearing head scarves. [Note: Applicant should also remember to include their personal details on the backside of the passport photos.]
  • Wiring the respective fees using the PIN machine.
    * A photocopy of their Dutch residence permit card (Front and back) or a photo copy of their Dutch citizenship card and Passport.