Reacquiring your original (Iranian) Nationality

According to Article 987 of the Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

An Iranian woman marrying a foreign national will retain her Iranian
Nationality unless according to the law of the country of the husband the latter’s
Nationality is imposed by marriage upon the wife. But in any case, after the death of the
Husband or after divorce or separation, she will re - acquire her original nationality
Together with all rights and privileges appertaining to it by the mere submission of an
Application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to which should be annexed a certificate
of the death of her husband or the document establishing the separation.

Required documents

  • An application form for returning to your Original Nationality, filled out and undersigned by the applicant.
  • Original copy and two photocopies of marriage documents.
  • Original copy and two photocopies of divorce papers, or official death certificate of her husband.
  • Photocopy of applicant’s Iranian Birth Certificate (Shenasname) which she held prior to marriage, including a carefully written declaration of the full personal details of the applicant.
  • 12 recently taken 6x4cm ID photos of the applicant (with full hijab).
  • Bank receipt indicating the transfer of the required fees for the validation and approval of the individual’s application form for returning to Iranian Nationality(in local currency)

** Click here to download the relevant application form