Marriage of an Iranian Man to foreign woman

Applicants may apply for registering their marriage upon submitting the complete set of required documents. The delivered documents will be reviewed and in case of completeness, the applicants will receive a telephone call (at the phone number provided to the embassy through the application sheets), informing them of the date of scheduled appointment for presence at the embassy for undersigning marriage registration documents.
The presence of the foreign woman at the Embassy is indispensable for the registration of marriage.
According to the Civil Code the I.R.I., foreign women marrying Iranian men, are consequently considered Iranian nationals, who are then entitled to an Iranian Birth Certificate (Shenasname) and (optionally) an Iranian passport.

Required Documents

  • Filled out application form [no. 204] (for marrying foreign women; the foreign woman may fill out her personal details in the form, in english)
  • Filled out application form [no. 206] for issuance of an Iranian BC for foreign women.
    *Filled out application form [no. 205] for using husband’s surname (optional). `
  • The original Iranian Birth Certificate of the man
    * Filled out application [no. 219] for issuance of a Certificate of Celibacy (only if one of the man’s BC is the duplicate copy of a lost one (almosana))
  • The woman’s original International Certificate of Birth issued by the local Municipality (in which the names and nationalities of her parents is indicated). The names and surnames of the woman’s parents must also be written in Farsi in a separate sheet of paper. In case the woman is not of Dutch nationality, then her Certificate of Birth must be validated by the embassy of the her country of nationality/birth and the Ministry foreign affairs of the Netherlands, or by the Embassy of the I.R.I. in the woman’s country of birth.(The latter can be managed via the Iranian consulate in the Netherlands)
  • A photocopy of the woman’s Nationality card (front and back)
  • Original certificate of the woman’s conversion to Islam issued by Islamic centers recognized and approved of by the Embassy.
  • Original Certificate of recitation of verses of the Islamic Matrimonial contract (Sigheye Aghd), issued by Islamic centers recognized and approved of by the Embassy.(Asfor our Zoroastrian, Jewish and Christian compatriots, it is naturally expected to submit marriage certificates based on commonly practiced ceremonies relevant to the institution of Marriage in that particular faith & culture).
  • Official Dutch Certificate of Marriage.
    (If the Certificate of marriage is not a Dutch certificate, then it must be validated by the embassy of the relevant country, in the Netherlands, as well as by the MFA of the Netherlands.)
  • Certificate of general physical health, sheets of the couples’ medical examinations, such as tests for indication of blood types, diagnoses for Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs), HIV, Thalassaemia, and Illegal Drug abuse, as well as report of blood type compatibility (based on the blood RH, and issued from credible medical institutions and hospitals). It is worth noting that if a period of 1 year has already passed since the date of the judicial marriage, it is no longer necessary to provide these documents.
  • Eight 3x4cm ID photos of the applicant husband and wife (Including a full face, front view, open eyes, without a hat, glasses or neck scarves, with the exception of headscarves(hijab for women)). [The individual’s personal details must be inscribed on the back of every piece of photo]
  • Payment of fees to the bank account number :  AT  FORTIS BANK
  • Account No:
    Bank Name: FORTIS BANK 
    Place: DEN HAAG

    NOTE: The applicant must remember to include his/her name and surname in the “communication” field.
  • A photocopy of applicant’s Dutch Residence permit or Identity Card (Identiteitskaart   ).