Registration of Death and Transfer of Corpse

For transfer of a corpse to Iran, the following should be observed:

  • Registration of Death at the consular section of the Embassy
  • Preparing the corpse for the transfer,( which must be done in the traditional Islamic fashion). This task is carried out by various companies that offer Burial services in Holland.
  • Issuance of Corpse transfer permit after the registration of Death, which is issued by the Embassy and delivered to the companies or individual(s) in charge of the transfer.
  • Payment of fees for preparations and transfer of corpse, which is possible in two ways:
    • In the Netherlands, whereby the relatives of the deceased pay the fees for the preparations and transfer of corpse to the respective companies in charge.
    • In Iran, whereby the relatives refer to the Ministry of Foreign affairs’ Department of Civil Registrations, and arrange the respective finances there. Afterwards, the MFA will send the permit for the Embassy’s direct interaction, and arrangement of payments to the Dutch Burial companies.

For the registration of deceased’s death, it is required that one of deceased’s relatives refer to the Embassy’s consular officers, report and request the registration of the death. In the event that the individual demands transportation of the corpse to Iran, a separate written declaration by the relative is thereby required.
In case the relatives of the deceased who are living in Iran, learn about this incident, they may refer to building number 3, Office of Civil Registrations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or the standby officer during holidays and closing hours),  in order to report the death of the deceased and/or request for the transfer of the corpse.
Required Documents

  • A filled out copy of application form [no. 221].

    *If it is not possible to physically refer to the embassy, the applicant may fill out the Power of Attorney letter [no.229], have another person refer to the Embassy for the carrying out of the proceedings (such as signing documents,…) on his/her behalf.
  • The original copy of the Death certificate, undersigned and stamped by Dutch officials.
  • The original copy of the reason of Death, issued by Dutch hospital.
  • The original Birth Certificate of the deceased and that of his/her spouse.
  • The original passport of the deceased
  • A photocopy of the first page of the Birth certificate or 2nd and 3rd page of applicant’s passport

*Payment of the application fee at the consular section of the Embassy.
*If the applicant is the spouse of the deceased, then he or she needs to also have their Birth Certificate at hand, so as to have the death registered in the respective field in their Identification document.