Student Visa

Description: Student visas are issued for foreign nationals who intend to study in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This comprises of those willing to participate in seminary studies, college, university and other such establishments. The consular officer, only upon having received admission letters issued by Ministries of Science, Research and Technology, Health & Medication, or by the World Centre of Islamic Sciences and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, can undertake the necessary proceeding so as to issue a Student Visa for the applicant.

Requirements and regulations after having received an Admission Letter:

  • Presence  of the visa applicant and  submitting the original passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of application, & contains a minimum of two blank pages void of any stamps.
  • Filling out and signing a copy of the respective visa application form.
  • Application forms must be well legible and not contain any scribbles and scrawls.
  • In case the applicant is willing to also apply for his or her spouse and children as companions in the passport, s/he must fully include their accurate personal details in the application form.
  • The personal details of the spouse and children (under 18) who will accompany the traveler must be inscribed in the applicant’s passport in advance.
  • One  6x4cm passport photos taken within the past six month, (Including a full face, front view,  open eyes, without a hat, glasses or neck scarves),  for the applicant and each of  his/her family members accompanying him/her.
  • The issuance of Student Visas is completely free of charge.
  • The Original copy as well as a photocopy of the individual’s Dutch residence permit card
  • A copy of passport’s page/s in which the personal details are shown
  • The Original and a photocopy of Insurance card.


  • The government of IRI reserves its rights regarding the issuance of visa or otherwise, for the foreign national applicants as well as demanding of documents and other records relevant to the process.
  • After having received and reviewed the full set of documents and papers, the consular officer will notify the applicant about the receipt and indicate the date and time for the applicant to come back for further proceedings of the application process.
  • Upon the receipt of the visa, the applicant should carefully examine correctness of the details inscribed on the document, regarding the nature of stay, dates and so on, and contact the consular officer in case of any mistakes having occurred in the visa prepared for the individual.
  • The holder of visa should carefully observe the exact dates stipulated in his/her visa, and ensure that the arrival and departure to and from the country fully corresponds to the dates figured in the visa.
  • A stay any longer than the period stated in applicant’s issued visa, is illegal  according to the laws of the IRI.
  • In the event that the applicant intends to prolong his/her visit to the IRI , regardless of the basis, s/he is required to refer to the Department of Foreign Nationals affairs of the IRI and to request an extension of their permitted stay as indicated in their visa.
  • Subsequent to entering the territory of the IRI, the holder of the visa is obligated to abide by its laws and regulations.

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