Bilateral Media Relations

Following the conclusion of cultural agreement  between  the two countries in 1959,  the Union of Cultural Affairs between Iran and the Netherlands took the responsibility to apply it  and  was publishing all  common cultural activities and developments in various reviews which the most important and popular one was Persica. Other well-known publications about the Eastern world and Iran printed in the Netherlands were Iran and India magazine, the Central Asia magazine andthe Eastern Record magazine.

After the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran, there were some ups and downs in the relationships of the two countries. In this period, the Dutch government policies towards the Islamic Republic of Iran mostly have been formulated within the EU framework.

In the Media sphere many journalists from Iran and the Netherlands travel to one another’s country and disseminated many reports in different areas. For the time being, there are two Dutch active journalists in Iran and some others from other Middle Eastern countries are following the internal and international developments of Iran and produce news, reports and analysis in Dutch Medias.

Dutch Media orientation about the Islamic Republic of Iran has been influenced by mainstream line followed by main New Agencies in the world. In addition to Dutch media, Zamaneh radio has been set up in Amsterdam in 2006 by the Dutch government funding. It has also started to propagate against the Iranian nation by posting and distributing deviated information by radio and its own website which received no attention amongst Iranians.

The Islamic Republic of Iran which was founded on 98.2 percent of the vote of the Iranians and has its roots in the public trust, welcoming constructive and reasonable criticisms, follows the line of interaction and cooperation with foreign Medias. 

At the same time, 120 news agencies from approximately 30 countries are active in Iran and are very keen to send news and reports to the country they work for. Although, foreign journalists are expected to act according to professional ethics in reflecting the facts, but unfortunately some media publish false and oriented reports, influenced by politicians and the political positions of theirs. This happens while foreigners find totally different image visiting Iran.

Iran was an underdeveloped country and a foothold for the West and the US before the Islamic revolution but now as an independent state enjoys widespread popularity and influence in the region and follows up a justice- oriented discourse in the world at large. Previous political system in Iran was a corrupt and ineffective one, while the Islamic revolution has endowed the whole nation remarkable welfare and prosperity.

 In the past three decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been under vast propaganda by world’s arrogant powers. Despite all those efforts, the divine revolution founded on the will and support of the entire nation has resisted all plots and strengthened ever since.

Experience has proved that the more the government and the people are under pressure, the more serious Iran becomes in the pace of development. Because of this after the long period of sanctions, nowadays Iran has a very high position not only in the region but also in international level on various scientific and technological fields like Nano and Bio technology, nuclear and medical science and experiences high rate of growth in line with the Prospect Goals.

The Iranian people with the record of thousands of years of culture and history have been known for their intelligence, wisdom and high vision and never have or will let the outsiders to interfere or influence the Iranian society. They clearly make their points by mass presence on the 11th of February every year on the occasion of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. They point out in an explicit manner that media activities, despite all means and capabilities, has no impact on their determination to advocate the current political system.

It is expected that the foreign media have learning the lessons from the past to be more honest on reflecting the development in and around the Islamic Republic of Iran and conduct in a responsible way.